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track four

On and off again I’m swimming in the blue.

Nothing makes sense to me, especially you.

I was at my lowest a short 2 years ago.

You found me at my highest, and you should know.


That I am okay now.

I am okay now.

I am okay now, with me.


I dived into everything, didn’t care if I drowned.

People told me what I was, and it stung.

I packed my bags and left to make sense of it all.

But would I be the same with a new backdrop? 


But I am okay now, 

I am okay now, 

I am okay now with me. 


Because seasons change, and I remain exactly the same. 

I had to crawl my way out of the dirt.

And finally facing the sun, I knew that I had 

Work left to be done.

And I knew that they’d heal with or without me there. 


I had to make some new rules and get out of my head.

And realize that some things are better left unsaid.

And as the wind blew through me like an old friend.

I realized I’m finally free.


But I am okay now, I am okay now, 

I am okay now without you. 

I am okay now, I am okay now, I am okay now with me.

seasons change

Song Credentials:
Written by: Ashley Wettlin
Performed by: Ashley Wettlin
Piano Composition: Desi Oakley
Produced by: Emanuel Lirag 
Mastered by: Zeph Park
Mixed by: Emanuel Lirag 
Seasons Change .jpg

Artwork by Shelby McNulty

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